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GuestObsessed is a customer survey program from the checkers and the Rally’s by which you can win a free sandwich. If you a new to this then you may do not know how you can get started with GuestObsessed survey.

In this article we are going to introduce some rules and requirements for participants in the survey and also there is some more to know about the site from the Checkers and Rally’s for getting the feedback of customers regarding their services and the quality of service.

GuestObsessed – get a free sandwich for providing your feedback

Checkers and rally is the well-known restaurant which is having the drive thru concept. It begins as an independent outlet and then later it got merged the business. So now you can easily find same product in both restaurant. The branches of this restaurant are widely spread across multiple states of US.Also, it is bit difficult to manage the fast food business as the competition is very high and it hard to survive.

In this site, customer can also speak their mind regarding Checkers and Rally’s experience. In return of this survey, participants can get a free sandwich or any other discount on their next purchase at the restaurant.

Customer can also always speak regarding the quality of service, food and more regarding the employee heavier and the cleanliness of restaurant.

What are the rules and requirements of Guest Obsesses survey?

Whenever you do a survey you will be rewarded with the free sandwich, but there will be some rules so it is recommended that you go through the below mandatory points before you should proceed for the survey.

  1. You should be having the last purchase receipt from the restaurant of Checkers and Rally’s.
  2. Your every receipt information will be prompted which you are taking the survey. So it is recommended for you to save the copy of this survey.
  3. You need to make sure that you participate in the survey from 30 days of the purchase.
  4. For accessing the official website of the survey you should have the internet access on the device.
  5. Once you have submitted the survey, at the end you will receive a coupon code which you can redeem on your next purchase at the restaurant.

Also, while participating in the survey it is better you can be honest while answering as this is going to improve the service.

What are the steps for submitting the survey?

It is purely the first time user who wishes to submit their Guest Obsessed feedback with the Checkers and Rally’s. If you are so much frequent with these steps then it is recommended to skip this and then click directly on the official website of the survey. Here are the steps which you should follow.

  1. First visit the official website of Checkers and Rally’s survey.
  2. Now you need to provide the number of store.
  3. Next you need to follow the steps and then enter the purchase date.
  4. After this choose time and type of the visit.
  5. After this, you will be provided with multiple questions regarding the service, product and the experience with the employees.
  6. You can also write your code regarding the service.
  7. Once you have validated the survey then at the end you will be provided with the validation code.

Get a free sandwich as the survey reward

When you participate in the survey program, you are eligible to win the twp. prizes on the list. Every participant also gets the validation code as soon as they submit the valid options for every question. Once the validation code is generated, these are valid only for seven days. So, you need to use this code within the given time limit at any branch of Checkers and Rally restaurant.

Also, rewards of survey are very attractive which are meant to grab the attention for providing their feedback regarding the favourite retail store at the same  time it is very cost efficient for the company to know more about their product quality and services.

Once you have completed the survey you will get the validation code. Save this code on the receipt and then keep them with you. So on your next visit you need to submit this code and enjoy a free sandwich.

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