Hokie SPA Login Guide

Hokie SPA is the Virginia Tech student portal which is used by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Every student needsHokie SPA for updating contact information and to view the academic and financial records including requests for transcripts.This tool can also be used by faculty and staff.

What are the features of Hokie SPA?

  1. It offers self – service access to staff, faculty and students to manage and view their academic and employee records and various other pertinent information regarding their relationship to the Virginia Tech.
  2. Students of the University can also check the grades for previous semesters, financial aid reports, class schedules and many other useful things on this tool.
  3. Faculty of the university can check information related to class schedules, advising useful resources, entering midterms, final and tentative grades.
  4. Employees of the university can review benefits and the job information which includes pay stubs and many other payroll related information like W2, W4, VA4 etc.

How you can access the Virginia Tech Login?

Users can easily access the Hokie SPAas the guest or member. Here are the details for assisting you for login in the Hokie SPA using any of the method.

For login as the student, faculty or staff of Virginia Tech, you should have the VT username.

The VT username act as the unique identifier and is completely different from your numeric nine digit VT ID number which begins with ‘90’.

Your passphrase and VT username grans you the access to Office 365, OneCampus, Canvas and Hokie SPA. If you do not have the VT Username then you should create one with the help of below steps.

  1. First visit the OneCampus web page at https://onecampus.vt.edu
  2. You will see a dark page with overlaid text. Here you need to click on overlaid text. In the case of any OneCampus announcements you will get a pop up message which you can dismiss after reading it.
  3. Now enter ‘create’ in the ‘What would you like to do’ search box located on the right of the OneCampus logo.
  4. Now hit enter key on the keyboard to proceed further.
  5. Next click on ‘Create VT Username’.
  6. The new tab or window will open and then you have to follow on-screen instructions.
  7. After this setup your passphrase recovery method under My Account which will ask you to login with your VT Username for initiating 2 – factor authentication.

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How you can login to Hokie SPA?

  1. First navigate to the Virginia Tech Login service page i.e. https://login.vt.edu
  2. Now click on ‘Hokie SPA’ on the Virginia Tech Login Service Page.
  3. Now the login to Virginia Tech page will appear.
  4. Here you have to enter the VT username.
  5. Next enter your password.
  6. Last you have to hit login button.

The future of guest account on Hokie SPApermits students to release their financial aid information like award letter and the requirements to receive aid, cost of attendance, academic progress, financial aid holds or loan history. Here are the steps to set up or to grant a guest account access on Hokie SPA.

  1. First login to Hokie SPA.
  2. Now select the ‘guest account accesses.
  3. After this enters the email of the individual for which you want guest access.
  4. Now select the type of information you want to release.
  5. Last select grant access.

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