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Myground biz is the online interface intended for the project workers and the representatives of FedEx ground to deal with the business related exercises and errands.

This entryway provides admittance to the various assets and devices for overseeing business activities which includes bundle following instalment handling, charging, and detailing.

Ground biz additionally offers data on organization news, advantages and approaches. For getting to the ground biz you should be the enlisted client with the substantial FedEx ID and the secret key.

Assuming that you are experiencing the difficult for getting to the gateway or if you need any help with the part of your business related errands, you can also contact the FedEx Client care group for the help.

What are the login requirements for MyGroundBiz account?

Here are the login requirements for MyGroundBiz account.

  1. You first need to access the official website on the device via a compatible web browser.
  2. The only ground biz login details needed include the user ID and password created while registering the account.

How can I reset or recover MyGroundBiz Account Password?

If you have forgotten your password or if you are unable to access the account then do not worry because you can easily reset or recover the password by simply contacting the ground biz support.

  1. First visit the official login page.
  2. Now you will see the statement if you are having the trouble accessing Myground biz.
  3. Now click on the contact us page and fill in the required fields for submitting your complaint or request.

Now you will be asked various questions for identity verification which includes security questions, employee ID, SSN etc.

After verification is done, they will send the password reset link to the email address where you can easily create new password.

Always remember that only authorized and registered FedEx customers can only access Myground biz.

What are the benefits of registering on MyGroundBiz login portal?

There are several benefits if you have decided to open your account on this amazing portal.

  1. You will receive the timely announcement and the updates from FedEx.
  2. You can easily access every private information like statements, bank statements, electronic forms etc.
  3. Direct link to vendors can be easily enjoyed with this account.
  4. You can easily buy and sell auto via vehicle trading system.
  5. You can also inspire success stories for motivating your business.
  6. You can easily access the company’s information which is available only to the employees.

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Why it is necessary to update password on the portal often?

The password of Myground biz is normally valid for 90 days. After that it will become inactive and your account may deactivate. So the users are required to change their password after every 90 days. You can also follow the procedure which is covered above for resetting the password successfully.


Myground biz is the web based device which is made for the consultants who work with the FedEx Ground. It provides multiple assets and apparatuses like monetary administration framework, preparing materials from there and much more for helping workers for hire in dealing with the organizations.

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